Artist: Suzi K. Edwards-In Her Words

"For me, art is an adventurous exploration into image and technique. I love the challenge of mixing media and creating something exciting and new. It all begins with an idea. Inspiration can come from a flower, a photograph, a reflection in a puddle, something on TV, really anything. Whether I search the internet for images, play with hundreds of colored glass mosaic smalti, or make form from a lump of clay, it begins with a thought or an emotion. As well as my recent immersion into the iPad, I have a twenty year career as a public artist


I blend glass mosaics and ceramic elements to create sculptural, dimensional and highly tactile surfaces. My mosaics adorn the front of the Orlando Shakespeare Theater, the floor of the Main Palm Beach County library, the Susan B. Katz Theater and many public buildings throughout the state of Florida. This work can be seen on


I also love to teach and inspire creativity in others. I am at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York in the summers and in my West Palm Beach studio in the winters. Come and join me. bring your iPad, your mosaic nippers, and your imagination.”

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