iPad Laser Prints
for anyone who wants them

“I became obsessed with drawing on my iPad in the winter of 2020. I can take photos with my iPhone, search the internet, copy, add and manipulate images, all with clicks of the mouse and strokes from my Apple Pencil. Whatever I can imagine, I can create! If I see it, I can draw it, and I can see everything all from the comfort of my livingroom recliner! I have a full color palette on hand with no mess and no fuss!

I search online with google; copy images, cut, paste, draw and erase with abandon. Once i’m satisfied, I email the files to my printer and like magic my digital images appear in full color to hang on my studio walls. Modern inks are brilliant, they do not fade, paper is strong and varied. Technology has given me tools that no artist has had until now. This is modern art!"

Suzi K Edwards

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