Artist: Pamela Ramey Tatum

As an oil painter with a literary background, I am most interested in storytelling on canvas.  My stories are universal but they are also personal: they are always about my emotional connection to my own experiences, people I know or see, and places I’ve visited.

In my cityscapes with lovers paintings, I’m expressing romantic passion and the exciting, frenetic energy of  Times Square or the dreamy, amorous energy of Paris.  Cities—like people—have unique personalities and my favorites are romantic cities like New York City, Paris, London…  But maybe it’s just that I am a romantic so I see all the cities I love as romantic!

In my seascapes, I may try to capture the tranquility of a solitary boat or the carefree feeling of childhood bliss. 
I want the way I feel about a subject to affect the viewer.  Whether I am painting a city scene, a nature scene, a whimsical umbrella girl, or a portrait, it’s always about capturing the story through the emotions.  All emotions are universal but people connect emotionally to the personal, the specific story, so I use my specific stories and my particular emotions in my work.


I believe the appeal of my romantic cityscapes with lovers under umbrellas is that it hits on both the universal—
the collective unconscious—as well as the personal.  We have the juxtaposition between the rain, which normally evokes sadness, and the bright colors and lovers which evokes happiness.  This universally speaks to the subconscious and our desire to overcome loneliness, to connect with another human being in the face of all the pain and sadness in the world.  And at the same time, it speaks to people personally as it conjures up their memories of love, romance and passion in their own lives and allows them to relive the beauty of those moments.

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